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More Than 50% Discount On Our Visa Processing & Documentation Fee

HIMARAC LIMITED is a leading Travel, Visa Processing and Financial Travel Assistance Company registered in Uk with Company No: 11157555 & Nigeria with RC 1458662 to provide quality travel services to Nigerians.

At HIMARAC, we strongly believe that you can’t give what you do not have. In view of this, our travel consultants that will deal with your visa application are those that have visited at least two countries in United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Germany, France or South Africa.

Our Visa Countries:

We only offer quality visa services for countries we have high success rate and thus make our refusal rate to be very low – special thanks to our well experienced travel consultants.

  • United Kingdom (Visitor Visa)
  • Canada (Visitor Visa)
  • USA (Visitor Visa)
  • Germany, France, Portugal, Italy (Schengen Visa)

Note: All applicants with denied visa applications in the above countries can also re-apply with us.

Our Service Fee:

We offer a competitive service only to those who want better visa services. Our service fee is ₦200,000 each for any chosen country.

No sufficient money to process your visa abroad or buy flight ticket? No worries…Himarac Limited just partnered with FATS-Finance, A Financial Travel Partner, franchise of an international registered FATS Financial Services based in the United States of America to provide easy and quick financial services with low interest across Africa. with the most convenient pay back plans.

Note: FATS Financial Travel Partner is not a travel company to process visa applications but a company where you can get funds for all your travel expenses.

Visit http://www.fatsfinance.com for more information today…

Why People Prefer Us

  • Your visa application shall be treated by a dedicated travel consultant who has visited your chosen country; and with minimum of 5 years of experience in dealing with the same issue-thus increase your visa success with us.
  • We understand that 97% of visa applications are denied due to evidence of sufficient financial capacity and poor documentation (purpose of visit) to convince the consular (visa officer) that you will return after your intended stay. At HIMARAC, we are here to assist you with good documentation and bank account boosting in the correct manner to obtain your visa easily.
  • We shall offer you 1 – 2 months free accommodation to help you settle down quickly in your chosen country as we have numerous and happy clients who are already doing fine and willing to assist our new and successful clients.
  • We shall offer you the option to build or increase your travel history to West Africa Countries at no further cost to you. This is a fully sponsored trip (Transport + Hotel) to all our clients.
  • Finally, we want all our clients to get to their dream countries. Therefore, in rare occasion where your visa application is denied- we shall re-apply for you at no further service cost.

Call Us Today For More Information: 08180004893, 08180004593 or visit https://travel.himarac.com

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Sequel to a lot of complaints, insult and threats gotten from various members as regards our Affiliate Program, there is need to clarify some things.

1. Himarac Affiliate Program is not an investment and was never an investment, we have gotten various reports of members tagging their payments as an “Investment”.

2. On the Information page created for the Affiliate Program, it was clearly stated that “Terms & Conditions” apply to the the program, and we take our Terms of service very seriously. Also, I believe that Terms & Condition was made available to all users during registration & checkout process, of which we believe was read, digested before agreeing to it.

3. The money/monies paid to us either directly or indirectly was for a course(s) enrolment be it e-course or classroom learning as clearly stated on the website, we delivered value accordingly as you were granted access to the course paid for either via the mobile application or the website.

4. The WhatsApp Groups were created for easier interaction with our support team, since the suspension of the Affiliate Program, the support team was met with various kinds of insult and threats on & outside the group, hence the whatsapp group has been dissolved. You can contact our support representative directly via call or email, Mondays - Friday, 9am - 5pm if you have any problems accessing course(s) enrolled for.

Kindly go through the Terms & Condition as stated on our website https://www.himarac.com/terms-and-conditions/ if you haven’t done so before. Himarac Limited is not above the law, and as such we haven’t operated above the law.

Himarac Limited Management.
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