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Invest in Himacoin, Nigeria’s first Digital Currency and secure your future.

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Himacoin is a financial solutions platform that provides the underbanked population’s access to the financial trading they need to change their future. Himacoin (HAN), a decentralized cryptocurrency unlike any other, it operates in its own structure and formula which depends on the total growth of Himacoin community.

Himacoin is aiming to combine industrial infrastructures of traditional currency exchanges with the first decentralized network to create a hybrid crypto exchange. The team has excessive experience in creating and running high-loaded platforms at traditional currency exchanges. The system is supposed to handle up to 70,000 transactions per second with latency of 650 microseconds at 99%.

DISCLAIMER: Himacoin is not a Market Based Coin and as such would not be found on any of the Nigeria stock exchange or coinmarketcap.



With the increasing value of Himacoin (HAN), it can be traded for cash on our escrow exchange and trading platform, peer to peer transactions are also allowed. Himacoin value would increase almost everyday during the sales period.


LEGAL TENDER: Himacoin is so much more than a Peer to Peer digital currency. In the nearest future, Himacoin api would be integrated with the top e-commerce stores in Nigeria and made a legal tender in those stores i.e you would be able to purchase goods with Himacoin.

COLLATERAL:  By partnering with some financial institutions in the country, Himacoin would be used to access loans as a collateral.

Visit https://himacoin.com today to know more.

Telegram: https://t.me/himacoin

Whatsapp: https://chat.whatsapp.com/7PwU9a6WahA4TRI4skZsEk

*Sales starts on 07/05/2018, don’t miss out.*

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Sequel to a lot of complaints, insult and threats gotten from various members as regards our Affiliate Program, there is need to clarify some things.

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