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Himarac Student Ambassador Program

Are you a Student? Do you hold any post in your College/Institution or perhaps you have the attribute of a Team Leader? Then this is for you; Join Himarac’s Student Ambassador Program today, and enjoy the benefit’s that comes with it.

Shortlisted Candidates would be contacted by a staff from Himarac Limited.


Duties of A Student Ambassador

Your duties as a Himarac Student Ambassador are listed as follow:

  1. Organize Seminars for students in your institution.
  2. Enlighten your colleagues on the benefits of registering on Himarac & get Students to take some of the professional certification courses we offer online.
  3. We don’t expect you to work alone i.e you’ll be a team leader…A compensation plan would be made available for members of your team.
  4. Managing of whatsapp groups created for your institution.
  5. Getting of old course materials of some courses offered in your institution.


  1. You’ll be given exclusive access to some of the certification courses we offer.
  2. You’ll be paid for every student from your institution that enrolls for an online certification with Himarac.


Shortlisted Candidates would be contacted by a Staff from Himarac Limited. You can also contact 08180004893, 08180004593 for more information.

Application closes on 07/01/2018

January 2, 2018

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  1. Good morning, I want to inquire whether there is still space for me to be an ambassador on himarac because am interested

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Important Information!!!

Sequel to a lot of complaints, insult and threats gotten from various members as regards our Affiliate Program, there is need to clarify some things.

1. Himarac Affiliate Program is not an investment and was never an investment, we have gotten various reports of members tagging their payments as an “Investment”.

2. On the Information page created for the Affiliate Program, it was clearly stated that “Terms & Conditions” apply to the the program, and we take our Terms of service very seriously. Also, I believe that Terms & Condition was made available to all users during registration & checkout process, of which we believe was read, digested before agreeing to it.

3. The money/monies paid to us either directly or indirectly was for a course(s) enrolment be it e-course or classroom learning as clearly stated on the website, we delivered value accordingly as you were granted access to the course paid for either via the mobile application or the website.

4. The WhatsApp Groups were created for easier interaction with our support team, since the suspension of the Affiliate Program, the support team was met with various kinds of insult and threats on & outside the group, hence the whatsapp group has been dissolved. You can contact our support representative directly via call or email, Mondays - Friday, 9am - 5pm if you have any problems accessing course(s) enrolled for.

Kindly go through the Terms & Condition as stated on our website https://www.himarac.com/terms-and-conditions/ if you haven’t done so before. Himarac Limited is not above the law, and as such we haven’t operated above the law.

Himarac Limited Management.
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