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About Us

About the company.

What we do

Where Experience and innovation comes together it can produce wonders, at Himarac Ltd. this is what we do. Himarac Limited is a LLC registered in Uk & Nig with Company No: 11157555 & RC:1458662 .

We provide services in the areas of Visa Processing, Website Design & Development, Mobile Application Development, Professional Training & Certification, Digital Marketing, Graphics Design & Digital Branding.

At Himarac, we also help our students taking professional certifications with us set up their business after completion, by paying them for promoting our Certification Courses & Services on their respective social media accounts, a student could be paid up to N10,000 in a day. “T & C Apply”.


Our Partners

Why Choose Us

We are a trusted name for many satisfied customers who have chosen us for our distinct and proficient services.

What makes us an edge ahead of others and a reason for you to let us handle your service requests is that we meet up your expectations stretched over a long period of time.

Web and mobile applications services are also our competence and we deliver 100% workable and robust, well-compiled application services and support services.

Our Website designing & development and internet marketing services are a class apart and have helped many companies reach a new level of success altogether.

At Himarac we have a team of qualified professionals that handle the Quality Analysis and Testing to render superior quality services at every step.

Ethical code of conduct and professional work culture is our strength in providing services on time to our clients. Quality is our priority; rendering user friendly interface and software solutions that are simple yet effective is always what we aim at. We have a list of happy and satisfied customers and that list is growing. By integrating values of honesty and dedication we meet clients’ expectation creating lifelong bond on mutual trust and respect.

Values & Culture

We Respect Professionalism, Commitment and Admire Ethical Culture Values

The power of strategic, innovative and result driven partnership, this is what you’ll experience at Himarac LTD. We carry out experience and values which guides our experts to visualize, execute proficiency at any point of time. They direct our business strategy and are the pillars to build the strong foundation of our corporation.

At Himarac, our core ethics and respect for cultural values and responsible approach are basic foundations of our success.

  • Integrity and Trust – honesty, reliability and a positive belief in others
  • Respect – consideration for people and their overall well-being
  • Driven for Results – positive results for individuals, groups and the company
  • Leadership through Teamwork – achieving success through effectively working together
  • Ingenuity and Innovation – encouraging new ideas and continuous improvement

Our standing, meticulous solutions are result showing the way our experts within our firm act with clients, colleagues and their communities to built up a strategic business partnership for long run. Himarac LTD is committed to equality of prospect, justice, work and lifestyle, mutual respect and dignity at work for all experts.

We do our best to ensure we exceed the client's expectation.

We manage things for you, so that you can rest assured.

With us, your projects will be aligned in the right direction… the direction of success.





The best platform to share your knowledge and enhance learning.

-An Instructor

COPYRIGHT ©2017-2018 HIMARAC LIMITED, Uk & Nig; Company No: 11157555 & RC 1458662, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Important Information!!!

Sequel to a lot of complaints, insult and threats gotten from various members as regards our Affiliate Program, there is need to clarify some things.

1. Himarac Affiliate Program is not an investment and was never an investment, we have gotten various reports of members tagging their payments as an “Investment”.

2. On the Information page created for the Affiliate Program, it was clearly stated that “Terms & Conditions” apply to the the program, and we take our Terms of service very seriously. Also, I believe that Terms & Condition was made available to all users during registration & checkout process, of which we believe was read, digested before agreeing to it.

3. The money/monies paid to us either directly or indirectly was for a course(s) enrolment be it e-course or classroom learning as clearly stated on the website, we delivered value accordingly as you were granted access to the course paid for either via the mobile application or the website.

4. The WhatsApp Groups were created for easier interaction with our support team, since the suspension of the Affiliate Program, the support team was met with various kinds of insult and threats on & outside the group, hence the whatsapp group has been dissolved. You can contact our support representative directly via call or email, Mondays - Friday, 9am - 5pm if you have any problems accessing course(s) enrolled for.

Kindly go through the Terms & Condition as stated on our website https://www.himarac.com/terms-and-conditions/ if you haven’t done so before. Himarac Limited is not above the law, and as such we haven’t operated above the law.

Himarac Limited Management.
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